Dr. Kyung Shin Kang

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Hartung Hall 306

Dr. Kang has long been interested in integrating mechanical engineering technologies into bio-applications.

His Ph.D. work at Pohang University of Science and Engineering (POSTECH) in Pohang, South Korea, was in design, characterization, and evaluation of an in vitro cell stimulation device using biophysical stimuli for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. He also utilized additive manufacturing techniques to provide a three-dimensional environment for cells during culture. He optimized the parameters of electromagnetic field and ultrasound stimuli to specifically enhance cellular functions and evaluated their combined effects with a biomimetic stimulus on bone regeneration.

He further pursued how mechanical stimuli affect cellular metabolism and behavior (i.e., mechanotransduction) as a post-doctoral fellow at Indiana University School of Medicine. He utilized genetically modified mice to observe which cellular mechanisms are associated with external mechanical loading to bones, especially via the Wnt signaling pathway. Additionally, he has worked to develop a reliable osteocyte in vitro culture model using 3D-shaped collagen and mechanical stimuli.

Dr. Kang is married to his grad-school sweetheart, Jung Min, with whom he has a son named Ian. Dr. Kang enjoys learning American culture.

Dr. Kang has served at Anderson University since 2017 and a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR).

Contact Dr. Kang:
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Kookmin University (Seoul, South Korea)
M.S. Mechanical Engineering, POSTECH (Pohang, South Korea)
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, POSTECH (Pohang, South Korea)