Dr. Justin Lambright

Professor of Mathematics, Department Chair

Decker Hall 333

Dr. Lambright teaches almost the entire range of courses offered by the Department of Mathematics, from Explorations in Mathematics and the Calculus sequence to Mathematical Models and Real Analysis.

His research interests have been primarily related to the fields of combinatorics and algebra, involving special families of polynomials and integer sequences related to them. Dr. Lambright, along with Dr. Taylor and Dr. Van Groningen, has led Anderson University’s Research Experiences in Mathematics, a group of students who work on original research alongside faculty members. This work has been supported by grants from both CURM and INSGC, providing the students with opportunities to present their results at other area colleges, as well as at conferences across the country.

Outside of the classroom, Dr. Lambright serves AU as the Director of the First Year Experience Seminar, is the founder and an advisor to the esports team, and is the faculty advisor for the Table Top & Board Gaming Club. Off campus he is active at Maple Grove Church of God in Anderson, IN, where he has served in various roles including Chair of the Church Council and Sunday School teacher. But most of all he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, playing games of all kinds, and reading.

Dr. Justin Lambright has served at Anderson University since 2011.

Contact Dr. Lambright:
Decker Hall 333
(765) 641-4413

Professor of Mathematics, Department Chair
B.S. Applied Mathematics and Physics, Geneva College
M.S. Mathematics, Western Illinois University
Ph.D. Mathematics, Lehigh University