Dr. Josiah Kunz is an assistant professor in the Department of Physical Sciences and Engineering at Anderson University. His Ph.D. work at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Ill., was in computational and accelerator physics, specifically working on simulations of muon-based particle accelerators.

Kunz’s current research at Anderson University involves designing a cross-platform 3D graphical user interface in which to run several different beamline simulation codes. This code will be able to construct a virtual beamline, run the code, save the setup, and plot simulation results. This user interface will make it far easier for undergraduate students to run simulations. It will also have the benefit of visualization for experts in the field.

Outside of the classroom, Kunz enjoys eating Indian food with his wife Meredith, coding for independent game development, spending time with his two dogs, and leading small groups with his wife.

Contact Dr. Kunz:
Assistant Professor of Physics
Ph.D., Illinois Institute of Technology