Colleen Drake

Colleen graduated from Anderson University in 2011 with a degree in mass communications. After six years working in venue management and public relations for organizations like Tuxedo Brothers Event Management, Live Nation, White River State Park, and The State of Indiana, she joined the Anderson University family.

Colleen started pursuing an MBA within AU’s Falls School of Business in January 2016, knowing it could have lasting benefits for her career. She feels that the caliber of education she received through her MBA has not only provided her with a solid understanding of business practice and leadership, but has also offered her opportunities to learn from colleagues, create lasting friendships, and enhance her skills working in teams and small groups. Colleen has made wonderful connections through the MBA program, and has that same hope for students as they learn about AU and the Falls School of Business. She loves getting to know students, along with learning why they're considering the AU MBA program and watching as God molds them into the leaders, managers, employees, and/or colleagues that He's called them to be.

Fun Facts: Colleen and her husband live on the east side of Indianapolis and both met at AU in 2010. They welcomed their son, Arlie, in 2018, and will soon welcome another addition to their family in the spring of 2021. As a family, they enjoy traveling, visiting new restaurants in Indianapolis, hiking, and camping together when they get time away. Colleen is a movie buff, and enjoys writing, reading, and exploring new cities.

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