Chapel Programming & Videos

The vision of AU Chapel/Convocation is to invite a spirit-led life of faith and service.

The chapel program is put together in conversation with campus throughout the course of the school year. Selection of chapel guests (speakers, bands, drama teams, etc.) are often based on personal recommendations shared with campus pastor, Tamara Shelton. Pastor Tamara also works with the Spiritual Life Advisory Council comprised of faculty, staff, and students to put the schedule together.

Each semester a book of the Bible or a Biblical theme is chosen and the campus community studies this book or theme during Tuesday Chapel gatherings. Speakers preach from Scripture in a meaningful way to encourage, challenge, and equip the AU Community toward spiritual growth.

AU Chapel/Convocation Mission

The Chapel/Convocation program provides a hospitable environment for the AU community to engage in creative and diverse gatherings that empower, encourage, challenge and transform towards a life of Christ-centered service and love.

Student Participation

Do student speakers ever lead Chapel/Convocation?

Students speak in chapel several times a year. From students sharing about their experiences with Campus Ministries and Tri-S to our Coronation chapel, SGA elections chapel, celebration of ministry chapel, two annual student-led VisionRevision chapels, fall “Experiencing Our Campus Theme” chapel, and our annual spring Senior chapel, students share in a wide variety of ways throughout the chapel calendar.

How can students find out about participating in the worship band?
Near the beginning of each semester, Becca Palmer (Director of Spiritual Formation and Coordinator of Chapel Worship) and her team host an “All Call” for students to sign up for a time to try out for a chance to serve the campus by being a part of one of the worship bands/teams that lead our campus community in worship. Students sign up as a band and 4-5 bands will be chosen to lead on a rotating basis throughout the year.
How can a student make a recommendation for a Chapel/Convocation speaker?
Please contact Pastor Tamara Shelton (, ext. 4204, Morrison House) with any recommendations for chapel guests (speakers, bands, drama teams, etc.).

Past Chapel Speakers