Coronavirus: Move Out Instructions for Students

Good afternoon, Ravens!

The time has finally come for us to put our move-out plan into action. Thank you for your patience throughout the stay-at-home order. On Friday, Governor Holcomb announced new guidance for Indiana. We have reviewed this guidance, modified our plans accordingly, and can now launch our process. Please read this email thoroughly.

We understand that not all students can get back to campus for various reasons. You may be an international student or live several states away. Maybe the dates and times we offer are impossible for you due to work or family obligations. Or perhaps you would feel more comfortable coming to campus when others are not moving. Whatever it may be, we want to do whatever we can to help. Please click here to tell us about your circumstances. Please note that if we need to schedule a unique time for you, it may be several weeks before we can accommodate your scheduling needs. The quickest way to pick up your belongings will be to use one of the available slots listed on the sign up forms (below). 

For the health and safety of all:

  • We are monitoring CDC guidelines, Indiana guidelines, and advice from public health experts. We will notify you if there are any changes to the following instructions. Please check your email daily leading up to your appointment time. 

  • You must sign up for an appointment to move out (see sign up links for each building below). You are not permitted to enter the building except during your appointment time. 

  • Our housekeeping staff will sanitize doors, surfaces, and designated restrooms between appointment sessions. We have been assured that our housekeepers have the appropriate PPE to keep them protected throughout this process. 

  • Only four students per building/complex will move out during each session. Each student is allowed up to four helpers.

  • Students and their helpers must:

    • Wear masks or other face coverings

    • Be fever-free and have no symptoms of COVID-19

    • Stay home if they are 65 or older or have underlying health conditions.

  • Remember that there are multiple stairwells and doors in traditional halls and Fair Commons. Do your best to spread out, and always stay at least 6 feet from others.

  • Any student attempting to enter a building outside of their appointment time will be escorted off campus by Anderson University Police. Any person failing to follow instructions will be escorted off campus. We will have drive-by patrols, and we will be monitoring surveillance cameras inside the buildings. We care about your safety and have these measures in place for your protection. 

  • Please do not come early or stay late. We must stay on schedule in order to sanitize the buildings properly. 

Please Note:

  • Restrooms on the first floor of each residence hall will remain open. All other restrooms will be closed and should not be entered, except to pick up personal items left in cubbies. This will allow the housekeeping staff to focus their sanitizing efforts. All traditional residence halls have at least two restrooms on the first floor, and some have three. 

  • Athletes: If you have belongings in an athletic locker, you will receive instructions from the Athletics Director. She has a plan in place and will send information to you soon. You can also touch base with your coach if you have questions. 

  • Music, Theatre, and Dance: You will receive separate instructions regarding items you need to pick up from Fine Arts and/or the dance studio. Stay tuned!

  • Textbooks: A separate email will be sent with instructions for leaving any textbooks you wish to return. Watch your inbox for an email from the Campus Store.

  • Library books should be left at the book drop in the circle drive outside of the library, along University Blvd. 

  • All other university-owned property should be left in your room. This includes your room key, other keys issued for class or work, devices signed out from KACE, etc. We will return those belongings to the appropriate departments for you. 

  • The storage rooms will not be available to any students. If you are coming to campus to pick up belongings, we ask that you take everything home with you. If you cannot, there is a low-cost storage option at Storage America (starting at $5 per month, with the first month free) right across the street from Hartung Hall. 

How it will work:

  1. You will sign up for your appointment (see links below).

  2. Your ID will be programmed to unlock your building during your appointment slot. If for some reason it does not work when you arrive, call AUPD at 765-641-3333. The officer on duty will verify your appointment time before letting you inside. 

  3. You will have 4 hours to pack and remove your belongings. You must take all trash to the dumpster.

  4. Leave your key and any other university property on your desk. There should be nothing left in your room except university property.

  5. Turn out your lights and lock the door. If you adjusted the thermostat during move-out, please put it back to how you found it. 

  6. Residence Life staff will check your room for damages, trash, etc. later in the summer. Fines will be assessed if items or trash are left in the room or if there is damage to university property. 

Please choose the link below to sign up for your building or to tell us your special circumstances:

Dunn Hall Move Out

Fair Commons Move Out

Martin Hall Move Out

Morrison Hall Move Out

Myers Hall Move Out

Smith Hall Move Out

South Campus Move Out

University Terrace Move Out

Click here to tell us about special circumstances. You may use this link if you are an international student, live too far away to come back to campus, or have other circumstances to report. You may also use this link to tell us if you want to wait until others have finished moving so you can have a private appointment. We will do our best to work individually with each student. 

Please let me know if you have questions that were not answered above. We miss you and hope you have a wonderful summer!

Maggie & the Housing Team