Students crowding around one computer to work.

The Kissinger Academic Center for Excellence hosts regular Academic Success Skills Workshops. The dates, times, and topics for these workshops can be found on the campus calendar, via chapel announcements, and more. Students who attend the entire series actually receive a mini-course in learning strategies. If the workshop days and times do not fit well with your schedule, you may want to use our resources below.

Workshops on the following topics are available upon request. Contact Lesa Smith in the Kissinger Academic Center for Excellence (KACE) for more information.

  • Learn Your Style So You Can Learn With Style
  • Free-Up More Time By Managing Your Time
  • Untangling the Textbook Maze
  • Text and Lecture Note-Taking Made Easy
  • How to Ace Exams Without Cramming!

Plan your own Workshop

If you would like to plan your own workshop, you can borrow our videos and sample handouts to plan a workshop for your residence hall or social club. Using the video along with a panel of experienced students is an exceptional way to answer questions and offer help in an informal setting.