School of Humanities & Behavioral Science

Cinema & Media Arts

The Cinema & Media Arts major emphasizes the art of storytelling as the foundation for creating visual media. Students in this area develop their skills in writing, producing, directing, cinematography, sound design, and editing. They learn from faculty and professionals in residence who are specialists in their fields. As they develop as creative professionals, students produce portfolios demonstrating areas of specialization as well as a broad skill set suitable for the ever-changing media landscape.

What classes will I take?

Among the classes in the 52-hour major are:

  • The Art of Storytelling
  • Screenwriting
  • Video/Cinema Concepts
  • Field, Soundstage, and Postproduction
  • Motion Graphics

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What experiences will I have?

Typically during your junior or senior year, you’ll have at least one internship with an organization doing the kind of work you aspire to do after college. Our majors also have the chance to spend a term in Hollywood through the CCCU’s Los Angeles Film Studies Center.

What kind of jobs can I anticipate after graduation?

Our graduates are working professionally in many of these roles:

  • film/television editor
  • screenwriter
  • producer
  • director
  • camera operator/photographer
  • cinematographer
  • promotions manager
  • production assistant
  • program manager
  • traffic manager
  • sound technician
  • field producer

How can I learn more?

The academic catalog contains additional information such as course descriptions. To set up a meeting with a faculty member in this area, please contact the Admissions Office.