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Food Recommendations
  • Lemon Drop 
    • Lemon Drop is a beloved mom-and-pop restaurant in Anderson known for its indoor train track and all-American food. 
  • Burro Loco 
    • With being only 5 minutes away from campus in the heart of Downtown Anderson, Burro Loco is a favorite restaurant of many students! 
  • Mancino’s
    • The pizza place to go in Anderon IN is Mancino’s. Featuring their specialty grinders, you will not be disappointed. 
  • Gene’s Root Beer
    • Gene’s Root Beer is an Iconic drive-in restaurant that features hotdogs and their homemade Root Beer. Catch them during their open season, April – October.
  • Eva’s Pancake House
    • Anderson’s favorite breakfast spot, Eva’s Pancake house is always open for breakfast and brunch. 
  • Ninja of Japan
    • Ask any AU student and they will agree that Ninja of Japan has the best sushi in A-town. 
Places to go 
  • Mounds State Park
    • Mounds State Park is an Indiana State Park that features Native American ceremonial mounds. The park is open year-round and has multiple trails to follow in the beautiful park. 
  • Collective Roots
    • Collective Roots is a cafe and boutique store that features local artisans. Collective Roots offers vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options and local ingredients.
  • Paramount Theater
    • The Paramount Theater is the gem of Downtown Anderson. It hosts a variety of shows and fundraisers throughout the year, including the music of the year performed by Anderson University students. 
  • Jackrabbit Coffee
    • Jackrabbit is a well-loved off-campus coffee shop in the West Central District that features local artists, vendors, and uses locally roasted coffee. Go check out their seasonal drinks! 
  • Rangeline Nature Reserve
    • This 4.1 miles trail is open throughout the year and offers a great place to get out into nature in Anderson. 
  • AU Sporting Events
    • It’s always sports season at Anderson University! Take a look to see if any of our teams have a home game scheduled while you’re visiting.
  • Anderson Museum of Art
    • With local to international art, the Anderson Museum of Art is a great place to spend an afternoon.