professional development series in Indiana
professional development series in Indiana

Professional DevelopMeNt Series

Bringing new ideas to you, to fuel your growth.

Anderson University has been educating students for lives of faith and service for over 100 years. This is not only part of our mission — it’s who we are. AU offers classes, programs, degrees, and certificates to propel individuals forward, and our Raven community is doing incredible things. We are here to recognize and share the stories of these game-changers.

As part of our deeply rooted commitment to education, we are now making a series of talks available for free to fuel your personal discovery and growth. We see the immeasurable power of an inspired and motivated person, and we hope this series can be a companion on your journey. Inspired people lift communities up, build new solutions, and contribute to how we move forward. Below, you can connect with a variety of thinkers, problem-solvers, leaders, doers, and influencers. We hope you will enjoy exploring these talks and investing in yourself.

Meet the Speakers

“My Entrepreneurial Journey” by Kristian Andersen, BA ’96

Topics: Entrepreneur, Investing, Technology, Design

Speaker: Kristian Andersen, Partner, High Alpha

“What is my big idea going to be?” by Jim Ostrognai, BA ’99

Topics: Software, Technology, Leadership, Ideas

Speaker: Jim Ostrognai, Vice President of Software Engineering, Salesforce

“Parenting the Teen Brain” by Dr. Laura Stull, BA ’06

Topics: Psychology, Education, Teens, Community

Speaker: Dr. Laura Stull, Professor of Psychology, Anderson University