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Frequently Asked Questions

We are diligently processing information each day in order to make the best decisions for every stakeholder on our campus. Additionally, we have established a portal for communicating COVID-19 specific concerns. This portal is a private and confidential system for requests related to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Forms available include:


Where can I find credit/no credit information?

Students, parents, and faculty with questions about the credit/no credit options for the Spring 2020 semester should refer to this document for answers to common questions.

Will classes meet in person in Fall 2020?
The Return to Campus Sub-Committee has been hard at work with planning and securing supplies to help mitigate risk so students, staff and faculty can safely meet face-to-face.
Will we have chapel?
We believe chapel is important for spiritual growth. Our Campus Ministries staff is planning virtual Chapels in the fall and will plan for service projects that can be completed from campus.
What if I no longer need my 2020 summer school class?
I usually have a week between when final grades are released and summer sessions begin to decide…

The last date to drop a summer school course without a penalty has been extended until May 20th. As long students drop their summer registration on or before May 20th, they will receive a 100 percent refund. This change only impacts those students enrolled in classes that start on May 18th.

Special Events

What is the plan for athletics in the fall?
In an effort to be proactive in communicating with its larger community of participants and supporters, the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference (HCAC) is continuing to provide updates to the public on planning related to athletic activities at regular 15-day intervals until the start of the fall seasons.
What will happen to summer camps, conferences and other events on campus?
As information about COVID-19 evolves quickly, the safety of our faculty, staff, students, and campus guests continue to guide our evaluations. On April 17th,, the difficult decision was made to cancel all camps, conferences, and events on the campus of Anderson University through June 30. Although it saddens me to give you this news, we must follow our guiding principles in helping to care for those around us and responsibly provide a safe environment for those that are on our campus.
Will there be commencement for the class of 2020?
After reviewing responses from a student survey, we are exploring a Homecoming celebration for the class of 2020. More info will be coming out from the Registrar’s office in the coming weeks, but we’re getting excited! Please follow commencement updates online.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For information about the virus and how to protect yourself, see the CDC’s Q&A page and the Indiana State Department of Health.

Is there a place on campus students can be tested?

Health Services now offers testing for symptomatic individuals. Appointments can be made here.

What symptoms does the Coronavirus cause?
Symptoms of fever, shortness of breath, and coughing range from mild to severe/death and appear 2-14 days after exposure. If you have symptoms, call the community hospital hotline at 317-621-5500.
Who do I notify on campus if I'm experiencing symptoms?

If you are an AU student still living on campus and begin to experience symptoms, please self-report using this form.

Where can I find a testing site?
If you would like more information on free testing sites for coronavirus, you can visit this link.
If I have had close contact with someone confirmed COVID-19 positive, should I self-quarantine?
What if I have asthma?

Are you worried about asthma during COVID season? The CDC offers great tips on how to prepare, plan, and protect yourself. Read about managing Asthma During COVID-19 here.


Where can I find travel information?
Explore travel information and how to protect yourself on CDC’s travel page.
Do I need to report my travel?

Students and employees need to report their planned travel using this form for consultation on how to navigate your return to campus after traveling.


I am parent, how do I sign-up to receive COVID-19 campus updates?
Parents of current students can opt-in for campus updates using this parent newsletter sign-up form.
Is technical support available for virtual learning or working?
Information Technology Services has provided technical information online about how to teach, learn, and work during the COVID-19 outbreak online. Use Raven Solutions to connect with resources and our ITS team.

Emergency Alerts

Raven Mobile Safety is an emergency alert system capable of delivering messages to your Anderson University and personal email addresses, as well as your office and cell phone.

Faculty and staff can update their contact information by submitting this form to the Office of Work Life Engagement. Students should submit this form to the Registrar.

Community Hospital Anderson COVID-19 hotline


Community Health System hotline


Indiana State Department of Health hotline

After hours:  317-233-1325

AU Health Services