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Return-to-Campus Plan

Current Phase: Phase 3

This plan includes a five-phased approach. It outlines how and when Anderson University might begin to slowly reengage together at the campus location. We will carefully move between phases with thoughtful consideration of public health and safety.

Phase 3: Fast Facts


*Community Care Guidelines
Phase 3
*Gathering Sizes <250
*Social Distancing 6ft
*Masks Usage Required in buildings and gatherings
*COVID-19 Screening App Required daily
*Campus Presence Employees and students
Classes In-person, hybrid, or virtual*
Campus Offices & Facilities Limited access*
Create, Mocha Joes, & Haven Open with limited seating, AU students only*
Marketplace Open with limited seating, AU students only*
KWC Facilities Open to AU students and employees*
Athletics (Practice & Competition) Yes, with limited spectators*
Institutional & Student Events Yes*
Recruitment Virtual visits & limited in-person apts*
Travel Events <100*

Student Housing

*Community Care Guidelines
Phase 3
*Gathering Sizes See posted signage for common areas
*Social Distancing 6ft
*Masks Usage Required when you leave your floor and in common spaces*
*COVID-19 Screening App Required daily
Common Area Usage Limited occupancy*
Bathrooms Come back when a shower or sink is empty, don’t form a line*
Student Guests (Visitors from other dorms or rooms) Yes, you can visit lobbies in other dorms and visit dorm rooms on your floor*
Non-student Guests None