A Vision for

Innovative Learning

The Raven legacy is strongly connected to the past, always with an eye to the future.

For example, our award-winning nursing faculty have taken an evidence-based approach to patient care, which has been so successful that in 2017, 100% of Anderson University nursing grads passed the complex NCLEX exam on the first try!

Our cybersecurity major is also brimming with innovation. Spearheaded by AU President John Pistole, former deputy director of the FBI and director of the TSA, our Center for Security Studies and Criminal Defense is a new space on campus where Ravens are trained to lead the way in national security in the Digital Age.

Whether time-tested or emerging, every major at AU pushes the envelope to keep Ravens soaring ahead through internships, jobs, and service projects. 

Additionally, with a 97.5% job placement rate after graduation, AU remains focused on helping Ravens launch into their life calling through our 50+ undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

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Help us support innovative learning!

90% progress toward a focused fundraising goal of Anderson University

$3.6M Raised

$4M Goal


This is an exciting time for the Anderson University School of Nursing and Kinesiology. Our faculty and staff work daily to provide students with a Christ-centered community of learning that prepares students in the Bachelor of Science (BSN) Pre-Licensure Program in an evidence-based approach to patient care.

Nursing student at Anderson University
Nursing Sim Lab Match Gift

The Nursing Sim Lab Match has been met! An AU alum and donor offered a $100,000 matching gift to fund the Nursing Sim Lab for the School of Nursing. Thanks to many donors, that has turned into over $200,000 to prepare more students through expanded simulation lab space and other equipment needed for critical hands-on experience.

  • $100,000 RAISED / $100,000 GOAL 100% 100%
Engineering student at Anderson University

Our engineering students have the opportunity to utilize the facilities, equipment, and tools in the AU Engineering Center starting day one. We don’t make students wait years or even months into their college career before they can start innovating, building, and testing as an engineer, as is the case at many other schools.

Your gift can help us create a second electronics lab for engineering students, or provide supplies and equipment to engage high school students in STEM field trips to AU.

Cyber and National Security

Students learn how to utilize intelligence, diplomacy, and the military to address threats and form policy. Our Security Studies programs prepare students for careers that protect governments, organizations, and the innocent from cyber attacks.

Giving to AU’s Center for Security Studies and Cyber Defense will help students pursue certifications that are required by employers to demonstrate proficiency, or allow them to gain cutting-edge information and networking through conference participation.

National security classroom at Anderson University
National security classroom at Anderson University

What does it mean to be an educator? It means to care, share knowledge, and inspire others to grow. That’s what teachers do: they transform lives and impact the world.

Your gifts can impact students pursuing education by funding experiences like virtual reality class simulation, Google Classroom certifications, and preparation for student teaching placement and job placement.


Anderson University students within the Falls School of Business (FSB) prepare to network and operate in an interconnected world. Your gift will support more opportunities for experiential learning, such as the social media command center. The FSB helps students develop their business skills in leadership, finance, analysis, and law.

National security classroom at Anderson University