Scholarships for

Current & Future Ravens

Growing Servant Leaders:

AU Scholarship Funds

$7 million goal

AU Scholarships Endowment          $2,000,000
AU Scholarships for Current Use    $5,000,000

Imagine expanding the number of students who share in the exceptional educational experience of Anderson University. Your gift to the AU Student Fund will help students transform lives for Christ by embodying AU’s core values of integrity, excellence, servant leadership, responsibility, and generosity, wherever they’re called to serve. 

An enhanced scholarship program will help attract, retain, and provide more Ravens with the opportunity to soar.

You can be part of this meaningful work by supporting the Student Fund through our endowment, or through gifts to be used for current scholarships. Gifts of any size will help to provide scholarships to incoming, current, or transfer students of Anderson University. These scholarships may provide financial assistance through AU grants or merit scholarships, based on students’ need and eligibility. 

Creating a named scholarship is another meaningful way for alumni and friends to build a legacy for their families and future Ravens. Are you ready to help future generations soar in their academic, spiritual, and vocational journey? 

The process is easy! Give our Advancement department a call for a no-obligation consultation, and we’ll help you discover the best ways to make your Raven legacy strong.

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Scholarship Opportunities for:

Anderson University provides scholarships to 100% of our full-time students. This is only possible because of generous gifts made to the AU Student Fund.

Gifts of any size help us as we work to keep these essential scholarships available for our students.

Help us grow servant leaders!

85% progress toward a focused fundraising goal of Anderson University

$9.7M Raised

$7M Goal