Anderson University has a dynamic internship program through the Center for Career and Calling and also directly through the Falls School of Business. Dr. Jerry Fox leads the internship program within the Falls School of Business.

More and more employers say they want to hire graduates with practical work experience in addition to strong academic preparation. The AU Falls School of Business internship program is doing just that.

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Its objectives are to help students:

  • Link to future employment opportunities.
  • Take classroom theory into a practical environment.
  • Learn what it takes to be successful in the business world (beyond academics).
  • Prepare for the job market by gaining business experience.
  • Be motivated to do better in the classroom once they come back from the “real world” and see what is needed.

Presently, students are not required to have a for-credit internship to graduate with a degree in business. However, the majority of FSB majors do at least one internship and many students do more than one. Sometimes the internship is for academic credit and sometimes it is not.

Typically, internships are done during the junior and senior years, although freshmen or sophomores are not necessarily discouraged from having this experience.

Internships are usually done on a part-time basis (10-20 hours a week is typical) during the school year and full-time during summers. They may be done for credit with the hours of credit varying between one and four, depending upon the amount of time the student works, or on a non-credit basis, strictly to gain experience. If completed for credit, the student must keep a log of activities, write a summary of the experience, and get an evaluation from the supervisor.

Please see the FSB Student Handbook for the syllabus and application.

Internship Types

Most internships pay, with the scale being anywhere from minimum wage to beyond $15 per hour. Some are with for-profits while others are with not-for-profits (often not paid). Some are with very large firms while others are with very small organizations. Dr. Fox encourages each student to define what he or she wants from the experience and what their career goals might be. Then he works to find a spot that will provide what the student wants. Many times, students will use their personal networks to line up their own internships.

A sample of intern employers include: Simon Associates (Castleton Square Mall, Indianapolis, and Mounds Mall, Anderson); Delta Faucet; Merrill Lynch; St.Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital; UPS; Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis; St. Vincent Hospital (Indianapolis); Junior Achievement of Madison County; Warner Press; Gaither Studios; Walker Information; Prudential Securities; the Paramount Theatre Foundation; UBS Paine Webber; Parkview Health System; Depco, Inc.; Zurcher Tire, Inc.; Great Lakes Health Plan; Aire Born Studios; Mead Consumer & Office Products; and the Indiana Pacers.