Museum Fellowship

The Gustav Jeeninga Museum Fellowship for Archaeology is established for the purpose of developing scholars in the field of archaeology and biblical studies. The intent of this fellowship is that recipients will become engaged in the field of archaeology, establish a chosen career in this field or in biblical studies, or broaden their biblical knowledge through practical experience with archaeological fieldwork.

Past Fellowship Recipients

Year of Fellowship, Fellowship Recipient, Fellowship Location
2008, Shannon New-Spangler, Tel-Dan, Israel
2009, Haley McCracken, Bethsaida Excavation Project, Israel
2010, Nicole Rech, Rachel, Israel
2011, Lisa Kahl, Khirbet Qieyafa, Israel
2012, Robert Heaton, Tel Hazor, Israel
2013, Dane Leitch, Abel Beth Maacah, Israel
2014, Rimoun Abdalla, Tel Megiddo, Israel
2015, Gilbert Lozano, Abel Beth Maacah, Israel