International Grad Pursues Graduate Studies at Scotland’s University of Edinburgh


Preparing for graduate study can be difficult, especially at a prestigious university. But for Kartini Ledermann BA ’19, the support of her Anderson University professors made pursuing her Master of Science in Literature at Scotland’s University of Edinburgh the perfect choice. 

Ledermann learned about AU from Scott Martin BS ’91, MEd ’10 and Anjie Martin BA ’93, who worked at her boarding school in Indonesia. AU’s quality classes and international community were a big appeal, and once enrolled, she found her place within the Department of English. “They cultivate such a beautiful community with their students,” says Ledermann.

When reflecting on how AU prepared her for graduate study, her professors were at the top of the list. “We were constantly informed of opportunities to harness our skills,” she explains, including national conferences, journal submissions, the senior seminar course, and the Sigma Tau Delta English honor society. 

Ledermann formed personal relationships with her professors, who didn’t just teach classes, but also provided valuable post-grad resources. “Dr. Imafuji was like my very professional fairy godmother who magicked together university info packets,” she says. “Much more useful than ball gowns, although I wouldn’t have complained either way.”

Her professors were impressed with her, too. “Kartini was highly engaged in her classes and always wanted to learn more,” says Dr. Elizabeth Imafuji, professor of English. “She was frequently seen in the department, chatting with professors about books and writing. We know she’ll do very well in her graduate program.”

Ledermann got into all of the international universities to which she applied, and after seeing how the University of Edinburgh encourages cohorts to interact early on, she made her final decision. In the future, Ledermann hopes to pursue her PhD to research the transformation of the perception of women in literature, and bring more attention to international authors.