Top Ten Instagram-worthy Places on Campus

With a stunning campus like AU’s, new and seasoned students alike are sure to find themselves wanting to be photographed with the various scenery and landmarks that have become icons of the AU experience. But attempting to capture the beauty of the over 250-acre campus in a few pictures can be a daunting task without a little inspiration. Here are the “Top Ten” picture-perfect locations on campus to help you make the most of your Instagram posts.

Library Steps

Just outside of the Nicholson Library, the grand staircase descending to the Valley is the perfect place to strike a pose.

Morrison Statue

The Morrison Statue stands tall just outside of Decker Hall to commemorate AU’s first president and has proven to be an excellent addition to any portrait.

The Library

If you like to add a pop of color on your profile, the four floors of the Nicholson Library are full of opportunities.

Fifth Street

With an unbeatable view of Parkplace Church of God, Fifth Street lends itself to creating stunning photographs.

Prayer Labyrinth 

A recent addition to campus, the Prayer Labyrinth is a modern and unique work of art that is sure to enhance any Instagram post.

Eternal Flame

Perhaps the most recognizable landmark on campus, posting a picture with the Eternal Flame will set your comment section ablaze.

Valley Benches

Located all throughout the Valley, the wooden benches are always a great place to snap informal, relaxed pictures.

Olt Student Center

The staircase just outside of Olt Student Center adds a dynamic element to any photo––and it’s a great place to show off your skateboard.

School of Theology 

With a beautiful view of the Valley in every season, the hallway connecting the School of Theology and the Nicholson Library is a safe backdrop for any portrait.

Valley Bridge

Sitting atop the ravine in the Valley, the small bridge offers a clear view of both the Valley and the Nicholson Library.


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