Empowering Your Student: Health and Safety



As students embrace their independence in college, they may be tempted to neglect their physical and mental wellbeing. Whether they like it or not, prioritizing self-care is a critical component of any student’s successful collegiate career. In preparing for their next adventure at Anderson University, your student should master the skills below before they fly from your nest to ours.

Scheduling appointments – During the four years your student will be on campus, they’re bound to get sick a time or two. Make sure they’re prepared for illness and know how to schedule a free appointment with our Health Services department on campus. They should also know how to fulfill prescription medications at a local pharmacy of their choice. 

Knowing contact information – Medical emergencies happen. Make sure your student is prepared for anything that could occur while they’re away at college; they should know their primary physician’s contact information and their emergency contact information. In order to ensure safety, they should also memorize or save the contact information for AU’s Police/Security Services

Prioritizing mental health – College is an exciting opportunity for your student to grow both personally and professionally. However, the college experience introduces new stressors, causing some students to struggle with their mental health in ways they haven’t before. In fact, a recent study found that 41% of college students suffer from anxiety and 36% experience depression. Your student needs to understand the importance of prioritizing their mental health, as well as what to do in the event that they need to seek help. At AU, we’re proud to offer free, accessible counseling to all of our students. Even if your student doesn’t struggle with mental health, they may find a weekly or biweekly conversation with one of our trained counselors valuable.

Prioritizing physical health – Mental and physical health are closely related, and your student should know the importance of maintaining both. Make sure they have a plan for managing a good diet and getting the proper amount of exercise. At AU, our students have free access to the Kardatzke Wellness Center, complete with an indoor track, state-of-the-art exercise equipment, a weight room, an indoor swimming pool, and much, much more.

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