Adult Student Experience

The Office of Engagement and Adult Student Experience is here to support students over the age of 25. We do this by providing each student with an Academic Coach, a full lounge, and access to a private office. We also want to leverage our campus relationships to empower you! So, before you reach out to any other office on campus, please give us a call and let us help you navigate your college experience. Our chief aim is to support you while you work hard to achieve your educational dreams. 
The Office of Engagement and Adult Student Experience also works hard to build community partnerships for the betterment of the city of Anderson, Anderson University, and our student community. 


  • Bottom of Decker Hall (10-13)
  • Office: 765-641-3820
  • Email:
  • Hours: 8-5 Monday through Friday (After hours appointments available).


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Stephanie Moran

Stephanie Moran

Stephanie is an Anderson resident and an AU alum. She completed a BA with majors in sociology and government, as well as an MBA from AU. She received an MA in adult and community education and executive development of public service from Ball State University and is passionate about increasing individual and organizational capacity and effectiveness through education.  Stephanie is currently completing her doctorate in adult, community, and higher education.

As the director of the Office of Engagement and the Adult Student Experience, Stephanie has developed a network of education, business, and community partners that actively engage with faculty, staff, and students in identifying and creating career and educational pathways for all levels and categories of students.  She has implemented university strategies that not only strive to benefit adult students and assist them in achieving academic and personal success, but to also increase success and retention for all students.

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Office of Engagement and the Adult Student Experience

Andrew Watkins, a light-skinned man with a close-cropped full beard

Andy Watkins

Andrew Watkins, a light-skinned man with a close-cropped full beard
Andy Watkins

Andy Watkins serves as Academic Success Coach.

Andy is from Yorktown, Indiana. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Leadership from Crossroads Bible College and is now pursuing a Master of Divinity at the Anderson University's School of Theology & Christian Ministry. Before coming to Anderson, Andy served as a program manager at Wheeler Mission in Indianapolis, advocating for and developing the homeless population he had the pleasure of serving. Andy is a big-picture thinker with skills in teaching, development, and counseling.

His son, Maddex attends Daleville Elementary School. Together they enjoy playing music, swimming, and reading.