Interdisciplinary Major

The songwriting major at Anderson University brings together the skills of musicianship and composition with those of writing and business. Our faculty provide the framework a songwriter needs to compose a song, write the lyrics, market the song to artists or labels, and perform and record it for the artists or labels.

This interdisciplinary major prepares our students to graduate as professionals, gaining both experiences in writing music, along with an appreciation of the written word through their work with the Department of English faculty. 

Additionally, songwriting majors work with faculty from the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance to train with an understanding of the structure of written and performed music. This major also gives students a variety of opportunities to get into a recording studio for hands-on experience and take on an internship as part of learning how to promote and market their skills.


Program Overview



4-Year Major

This 44-hour program is interdisciplinary.

  • Graduate with a BA in Songwriting in four years.
  • Complete the 4+1 program, from BA to MBA.


  • Composition
  • Creative Writing Workshop
  • Recording Techniques
  • Music Marketing
  • Music Publishing

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Career Pathways

Songwriters may write and perform their own music, either live, in the studio, or both. Sometimes this is the core of what songwriters do, but they may also share their talents in service of other artists or causes as songwriters. Examples of career pathways include work within or collaboration with the following:

  • Publishers
  • Producers
  • Record Companies
  • Marketing Companies
  • Musical Theater Composers
  • Lyricists or Performance Artists
  • Producers or Music Supervisors for Film & TV


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