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Interdisciplinary Program

The mathematics-economics major at Anderson University investigates economic puzzles and to predict potential economic activity or trends in the future. Economic theories and math principles combined together can produce powerful data and meaningful, testable models to anticipating or resolving financial issues. This interdisciplinary program with the Falls School of Business, creates an opportunity for you to learn statistical and research techniques, without having to double major.

Program Overview

Mathematics – Economics



  • Graduate with a B.A. in Mathematics-Economics in four years
  • Graduate with a B.A. in Mathematics-Economics in three years
  • Complete the 3 + 1 program, from BA to MBA
  • Complete a minor in Mathematics.


The mathematics-economics major prepares students for careers in numerous fields throughout business, industry, and government. Opportunities include:

  • data analytics
  • actuarial studies
  • consulting
  • market research analyst
  • financial planner
  • an excellent candidate for graduate school


  • Calculus I, II, and III
  • Linear Algebra
  • Mathematical Statistics
  • Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Intermediate Economic Analysis
  • Money and Banking

In addition, this major requires the completion of an independent study project combining mathematics and economics. View the courses required for the Mathematics-Economics Major.

OUR Mathematics-Economics FACULTY

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Dr. Justin Lambright

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Justin Lambright

Dr. Lambright teaches almost the entire range of courses offered by the Department of Mathematics, such as Explorations in Mathematics and the Calculus sequence, as well as Mathematical Models and Geometry.

His research interests are related to the fields of combinatorics and algebra, involving special families of polynomials and integer sequences related to them. He is hoping to branch out in the future into areas connected to the intersection of mathematics and political science and the use of computational modeling to predict various outcomes in that field.

Dr. Lambright, along with Drs. Taylor and Van Groningen, has led Anderson University's Research Experiences in Mathematics, a group of students who work on original research alongside faculty members. This work has been supported by grants from both CURM and INSGC, providing the students with opportunities to present their results at other area colleges, as well as at conferences across the country.

Outside of the classroom, Dr. Lambright serves the AU community as the academic advisor for both the eSports & Gaming club and Together in Media. Off campus he is active at Maple Grove Church of God in Anderson, IN, where he serves on the Church Council and as part of a cook team for the Wednesday night inter-generational ministry LOGOS. But most of all he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, playing games and reading.

Dr. Justin Lambright has served at Anderson University since 2011.

Contact Dr. Lambright:
Decker Hall 333
(765) 641-4413

Associate Professor of Mathematics
B.S. Applied Mathematics and Physics, Geneva College
M.S. Mathematics, Western Illinois University
Ph.D. Mathematics, Lehigh University


Dr. Hyeon Joon Shin

Assistant Professor of Economics

Dr. Hyeon Joon Shin

Dr. Shin teaches in the subjects of economics. He obtained his master’s degree in economics from Syracuse University and completed his Ph.D. degree in economics at Southern Illinois University. Prior to joining the FSB, he devoted himself as a senior researcher carrying out international economics research and providing consulting services to governments and private firms on international business strategies at the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy. His research interests lie in global development issues, such as foreign aid, poverty reduction and the economics of nonprofit organizations.

Hyeon Joon Shin has served at Anderson University since 2014.

Assistant Professor of Economics
B.A., Korea University
M.I.S., Seoul National University
M.A., Syracuse University
Ph.D., Southern Illinois University

Photo of Courtney Taylor

Dr. Courtney Taylor

Chair, Department of Mathematics; Professor of Mathematics

Photo of Courtney Taylor
Dr. Courtney Taylor

Dr. Taylor was an undergraduate student at Anderson University and returning to join the faculty in the fall of 2011 was very much like coming home. He has taught nearly every course in the undergraduate mathematics curriculum, and especially enjoys teaching Abstract Algebra and Problem Seminar. He serves as chair of the department.

His research interests fall in the areas of algebraic topology and algebra, particularly the unstable modules over the Steenrod algebra, and he is also interested in how mathematics can inform our understanding of the humanities. He has written an open access e-book on abstract algebra, which may be freely downloaded from bookboon.com.

Dr. Taylor, along with Dr. Lambright and Dr. Van Groningen, has led Anderson University's Research Experiences in Mathematics, in which a group of students actively work on original research. These students have had opportunities to present their results at other area colleges, as well as at conferences across the country.  He is also an advisor for Mathematics honor society Kappa Mu Epsilon and for the men’s service and social club Dativus. He is active at East Side Church of God, where he and his wife teach the college-age fellowship class.

Dr. Taylor enjoys spending time with his wonderful wife and their four children, traveling on epic road trips, and eating barbecue.

Dr. Taylor has served at Anderson University since 2011.

Contact Dr. Taylor:
Decker Hall 334
(765) 641-4410

Professor of Mathematics
Chair, Department of Mathematics
B.A., Anderson University
M.S., Ph. D., Purdue University

Photo of Gerard Lee Van Groningen

Dr. Gerard Lee Van Groningen

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Photo of Gerard Lee Van Groningen
Dr. Gerard Lee Van Groningen

Dr. Van Groningen enjoys the appeal of teaching a wide variety of mathematics classes from Finite Mathematics to the Calculus sequence to Differential Equations.

Dr. Van Groningen considers himself a pure applied mathematician whose main research interest lies within numerical analysis. His primary work is with numerical solvers of differential equations including the method of lines transpose and defect correction methods. However, with the opportunities present at Anderson University, he prefers research projects that can help introduce students to original mathematical research.

Dr. Van Groningen married his beautiful wife Lindsey in July of 2016. Together they actively travel and seek adventure.  Dr. Van Groningen is also an avid hiker, runner, and reader. He is always willing to join in for most sports and board games. Further, he also donates his time to the local food pantry.

Dr. Lee Van Groningen has served at Anderson University since 2012.

Contact Dr. Van Groningen:
Decker Hall 332
(765) 641-4412

Associate Professor of Mathematics
B.A.  Mathematics, Chemistry, Trinity Christian College
Ph. D., Mathematics, Michigan State University