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Business Administration & Leadership

With online courses lasting seven weeks, the business administration and leadership program at Anderson University is an accelerated degree designed for working adults (students over 25). With a discounted cost and flexible schedule, its aim is to help managers and supervisors within their organizations or those who aspire to be in leadership positions.


The courses in the business administration and leadership program prepare and propel you further in your career by developing:

  • Communication Skills
  • Management Styles
  • Ethics & Planning Techniques

Courses include both theory and practical application and are taught by the same outstanding faculty as our award-winning Doctor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration programs. You will graduate ready for success.

The path is yours. Take the first step todaywe’re ready when you are!

Major Course Requirements

LEAD 3000: Professional Development & Applied Ethics – 3 Credit Hours

LEAD 3100: Intro to Information Systems & Analysis of Data – 3 Credit Hours

LEAD 3200: Issues in Management – 3 Credit Hours

LEAD 3260: Conflict Resolution – 3 Credit Hours

LEAD 3300: Managerial Accounting – 3 Credit Hours

LEAD 3350: Managerial Finance – 3 Credit Hours

LEAD 3400: Managerial Economics – 3 Credit Hours

LEAD 3500: Managerial Marketing – 3 Credit Hours

LEAD 3550: Legal Environments of Business – 3 Credit Hours

LEAD 4300: Strategic Planning – 3 Credit Hours

LEAD 4550: Diversity & Intercultural Humility – 3 Credit Hours

LEAD 4990: Action Research Project – 3 Credit Hours

TOTAL MAJOR HOURS: 36 Credit Hours

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Ct Module Text

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