Under the Raven’s Wing: College Mentors for Kids

Here at Anderson University, College Mentors for Kids is a program that connects children in Madison County with leaders on campus. Children are paired one-on-one with a mentor and together they discover some of the activities that AU has to offer.

The program’s mission is pushing children to look forward sooner and be able to give back later. Thirty-three colleges nationwide have this program which impacts over 2,000 elementary-age students. This program is designed to give children confidence and prepare them for the next step of their lives whether it’s higher education or a career with the impact of a mentor going far beyond the here and now.

Education major Emily Fulk serves as the president of College Mentors for Kids on campus. When asked why she wanted to get involved, Fulk said, “I wanted to join something that made an impact on our campus as well as the community. As an education major, I wanted to become a member of a group that would push me in my skills as a teacher and a leader.”

Fulk has also raved about her improvements as a teacher because of the program. Additionally, she talked about the opportunity to bring an impact program to Anderson and how it motivated her. College Mentors for Kids has impacted Fulk’s life in countless ways. When asked on what area it had the biggest impact, Fulk said she can now find happiness in any situation. “We have kids in our program who come from difficult circumstances but still show up with smiles on their faces. They do not let the hardships of life or the negatives they face daily get in the way of being happy and living life to the fullest.”

She said that seeing the children’s excitement as they get off the bus is one of her favorite parts of her position. “Their faces radiate with happiness and excitement to be on our campus and in our program. They are laughing and screaming of pure joy and the sight and sound of them running to us will never get old,” Fulk said.

Fulk is compassionate towards the children and is also very quick to compliment her three peers that serve alongside of her as leaders for College Mentors for Kids: Joleen Miller, Kimberlin Norman, and Keeley Cherry.

“Being president is not an easy task, but they make it look easy due to their constant support and help in planning our program. Our friendship has become lifelong.”

Together, they are spearheading a program that is making a difference in many children’s lives. Being a mentor to a child can help them find the joy in the small things: reading a book, playing a new game, or listening to a guest speaker. College Mentors for Kids is the kind of program that helps children and also allows college students discover who they are beyond the classroom.

Wes Davidson is a junior from Saint-Étienne, France, majoring in communications and triple-minoring in Christian ministry, history, and marketing. Davidson is a member of Adelphi, the men’s basketball team, and the Campus Activities Staff. He is an associate with Fifth Street Communications, writing on behalf of Anderson University Office of Communication and Marketing.

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