Black Student Association Hosts Tri-S Trip to Washington

The Black Student Association hosted the largest Tri-S trip at Anderson University by taking 27 students to Washington, D.C., to visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture. The students left Feb. 23 and returned Feb. 26.

The trip was created after Rachael Sutherland, president of the Black Student Association, came up with the idea. “I felt that a trip to not only the museum but also an area with historically African American roots would be meaningful during the BSA’s celebration of Black History Month” said Sutherland.

Students also had the chance to see other museums and monuments in the city. The group went to see the new movie Hidden Figures and ate dinner with Elijah Washington and Sutherland’s parents. While in the area, they had the opportunity to meet with many AU alumni.

Eric Stone, a participant of the trip, said this Tri-S trip was the largest because “the leaders of BSA did a phenomenal job advertising and organizing the trip. Mike Thigpen was the leader and reached out to many people and various groups on campus, like PACT and Tri-S, helped sponsor some of the cost.” These sponsorships helped the group get 30 tickets for the National Museum of African American History.

“The most important part of the trip was that everyone would leave with more knowledge — not only about Black culture, but also about themselves” said Sutherland.

The group took a bus to and from Washington, D.C., which helped them become better acquainted. “I guess being on a bus for over ten hours can build a community” said Sutherland. Another important part of the trip for her was being able to build a community with people she may not have come across on the AU campus if not for this trip.

Tessa Williams is a junior from Indianapolis, Ind., majoring in public relations and minoring in nonprofit leadership writing on behalf of Anderson University Office of Communication and Marketing.

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