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The mission of the Anderson University School of Theology is to form women and men for the ministry of biblical reconciliation.

Our Commitment to the Mission of the Anderson University School of Theology

The faculty and staff of the seminary are committed to being a community of scholars who are church-related, and in whose character and servanthood the following are vitally linked: biblical faith, academic integrity, Christian spirituality, love for persons; and a responsible relation with the created order and all humankind.

Institutional Focus

The School of Theology is a community dedicated to scholarship, spirituality, and service. The scholarship emphasis seeks to encourage and equip individuals in their quest for knowledge of the content and meaning of the Scriptures, and the historical development of the Christian church and its faith, always promoting academic excellence in the pursuit of truth. The emphasis on spirituality facilitates spiritual growth, the formation of distinct Christian values, and the integration of self within the pattern of a godly life that makes ministry meaningful and honest. The service emphasis encourages active participation in ministry and sharing, imperative for Christian life and witness.

The School of Theology is sensitive to the need for facilitating the spiritual growth of the seminarian. It values spiritual formation as a central integration point of preparation for ministry. This integration complements the academic disciplines with a responsiveness to the divine presence of the Lord in word and deed. Students and faculty are encouraged to share together in the community life of faith through chapel attendance, small prayer groups, spiritual formation groups, and personal meditation. Active participation in the life of a local congregation is also highly desirable.

Reflections on the AU School of Theology Mission Statement