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Hi! My name is Jamie, and I'm from a family of nine. My parents have worked with the Navigators ministry for more than 14 years. Through that, my dad started the Breaking Ground ministry in Chicago where ex-offenders can find a fresh start.
With such a large family and my parents working in ministry, I needed to find an affordable, Christian college where I could get an excellent education and grow spiritually. Without the financial aid I’ve received at Anderson University, I wouldn’t be here. The gifts that I have received so that I can go to college are greatly appreciated!
Ever since I was little, I’ve loved asking “why” questions. By majoring in biology, I’ve been able to answer some of those questions about how things work and why. Right now I’m learning about the respiratory system, which is much more complex than I ever imagined. Through this area of study, I hope to become a physician’s assistant. I would love to work overseas for a couple years, providing any medical help I can to improve lives.
Thank you again for giving back to AU. It means a lot to students like me!
Jamie Dennis, Biology Major
Senior, Class of 2012
Hometown: Oak Park, Ill.

Hi!  My name is Matt and I’m a junior at Anderson University. My Dad is retired from the Air Force and my Mom works at a community college with students completing their GED.  My older brother just graduated from college with a degree in Economics and Finance.
I’m majoring in Communication Arts with a Public Relations concentration, as well as Business Marketing with a Communications concentration.  I love being very involved in campus life here at AU.  I’m the Historian for Dativus, which is a men’s service and social club, a justice in the Student Government Association, a member of the Campus Activities Board, a member of the Student Alumni Association, and I do announcements for Chapel each week.  I also ran Track & Cross Country my freshman and sophomore years, and love participating in intramural sports.  Currently a resident of Smith Hall, I also work on the student panel for AU’s Discovery Days through the Office of Admissions.
The financial aid that I have received toward my education has allowed me to explore all the opportunities that were presented to me at AU, which has transformed me into the person I am today.  Through these opportunities, I plan to pursue a career in large-scale event planning, preferably for an athletic organization.  I also hope to coach high school students in either Cross Country or Soccer in the future.  Without the financial help I’ve received I wouldn’t have been able to experience all I have at Anderson University…..and my dreams and goals wouldn’t be as immense as they are.
Thanks for continuing to keep AU and its students in your thoughts and prayers.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  You’re helping us dream big as we plan for our futures! 

Matt Dougherty, Senior; Class of 2012
Majoring in Marketing & Public Relations
Hometown:  Breese, Ill.