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MBA Testimonials


Christi Thompson, MBA grad

Tue, 2012-01-24 16:04 -- univcomm

"I feel very fortunate and thankful for the wonderful experience I had in the Falls School of Business MBA program. From the very first class, I was able to take what I had learned and immediately apply the lessons in my everyday job, which is something I had not totally expected. Furthermore, not only did I learn vital business skills that will continue to help propel my career forward, but I had the opportunity to form life-long friendships with some of my classmates because of the unique cohort design."

Labib Dangol, MBA grad

Tue, 2012-01-24 15:57 -- univcomm

After researching for the best MBA program that fits my needs, I discovered that Anderson University not only is a highly accredited institution, but the MBA program also has a superior reputation for providing a carefully crafted and top notch curriculum that is both essential and relevant for today's business professional.

Deanna Dicken, MBA grad

Tue, 2012-01-24 15:52 -- univcomm

Anderson University offered me the best value for an MBA in the area. From top-notch faculty to no-touch registration each semester. Anderson made it easy administratively and challenging academically while still fitting in with my busy work and family life. The decision to go back to school while working full-time and raising two young children was a difficult one. The faculty and staff of the Falls School of Business went above and beyond to make the transition as easy as possible.

- Deanna Dicken, MBA grad, Technical Architect, ADESA

Barry Staldine, MBA grad

Tue, 2012-01-24 15:48 -- univcomm

What impacted your decision to choose the MBA program at Anderson University? I was at the point in my Christian walk where I really wanted an advanced business learning experience, but, I sought to do so as it was incorporated in Christian values. My decision was confirmed by the very first class in which we discussed business ethics in light of a Christian world view.

Kristina Dulin, MBA grad

Thu, 2011-06-16 12:36 -- univcomm

There were certain standards I needed when selecting an MBA program. I found exactly what I was looking for in the Anderson University MBA program.

- Kristina Dulin, MBA grad Vice President-Manager of Financial Audit Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis

Doug True, MBA grad

Thu, 2011-06-16 09:03 -- univcomm

Two of my goals in pursuing an MBA were to further my business education in all disciplines (accounting, finance, operations, etc…) and to gain exposure to other critical thinkers through networking. The Anderson University MBA helped me achieve my goals.

Jerry Landers, MBA grad

Wed, 2011-06-08 10:37 -- univcomm

Raising a family, working full time and going to school full time can be very challenging, but the professors at Anderson University did a great job of helping me find ways to incorporate my school projects into the day to day responsibilities I already faced. Being able to work on one project for both reasons really helped me address time management issues, and it helped me apply academic principles in my work life.

- Jerry Landers, Vice President of Business Development at Aspire Indiana

Leticia Medina-Puente, MBA Grad

Wed, 2010-10-06 12:14 -- univcomm

Anderson University's MBA program allowed me to believe in myself as I took control of my destiny in achieving my goal of completing graduate school. As a female minority, wife, and mother of three, Anderson University's MBA program allowed me to be myself and complete my goal while I balanced my personal and work life.

-Leticia Medina-Puente, Sourcing Associate, Eli Lilly and Company

Rich Lord, MBA Grad

Wed, 2010-10-06 12:08 -- univcomm

I received the annual report today and enjoyed seeing how much the graduate programs at AU continue to grow. I wanted to give you a quick update on how much the MBA program helped me. Following graduation, I went to work for three years with The Steak n Shake Company as a Marketing Manager. There I was in charge of Outdoor Advertising and the Menu Program.

Following my three years at Steak n Shake, I was given the opportunity to combine my marketing interests along with my athletic interests (I was previously the Men's Tennis Coach at IUPUI).


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