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Professional Activities

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Professional Activities

Michael Bruce

Dr. Bruce is now an entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer.  He and his son-in-law have formed a business that offers a variety of creative and analytical services to today's organizations in our turbulent environment. The name of the business is Argil Marketing, LLC.  Whether it's designing websites or mining your organization's databases, Argil Marketing provides solutions designed to improve decision making and lead to creating competitive advantages.  Michael has a doctorate in marketing with a focus on decision science.  Not only does he teach it but he also is practicing it.  Learn more about his business at

Dr. Michael Bruce, professor of marketing in the Falls School of Business, served as chair of the Local Epidemiology Outcomes Workgroup for Madison County and is the primary author of "The Consumption and Consequences of Alcohol and Drugs in Madison County".  This publication (2009) provides a county epidemiological profile that will serve as a framework for "on-going efforts in the area to encourage states to engage in data-based decision-making in the area of substance abuse prevention planning and grant making." 

Jeff Buck

Dr. Jeff Buck published his article, "Proactive Marketing Orientation in the US Medical Manufacturing Industry," in the Journal of Applied Business and Economics, Fall 2009.

Emmett Dulaney

Dr. Emmett Dulaney and Dr. Michael Wiese published an article entitled "Factors Contributing to the Final Selling Price of Auctioned Gift Cards" in Journal of Internet Commerce, August 2011.

Emmett's book Network + Exam Cram was published in January of 2012, and the 5th edition of the Security + Study Guide was published in the fall of 2011.  He has written more than 40 books on computer operating systems, networking, and certification. He was also a partner in Mercury Technical Solutions and currently oversees AMG (the Anderson Media Group) which has won three Pinnacle Awards from the Public Relations Society of America in the past five years.

Emmett also is a contributing writer for the Hamilton County Business Magazine. Click here to view some of Emmett's recent articles.

Jerry Fox

Jerry Fox recently completed 30 hours of continuing education in retirement, long-term care insurance, and Medicare to remain current in his Certified Financial Planner designation.

He also completed a sabbatical leave in which he worked with Indiana Ministries of the Church of God to develop training and ongoing resources in family financial planning for pastors and their families. The work was funded through a grant by the Lilly Endowment.

Fox serves on the Board of Directors for Maplewood Cemetery in Anderson and was recently selected to lead the finance committee.

He is developing the Fox Properties Group, which manages real estate properties and provides services to absentee owners.

I was on sabbatical leave during the spring.  Worked with Indiana Ministries of the Church of God on a the development of the "Financial Freedom Fund," a multi-faceted program to provide support for pastors and congregations in both personal and church financial management.  The program includes a conference this fall, a network of Christian professionals for consulting, the development of educational materials and a website, and, direct financial grants to aid pastors with education, health, and retirement funding.

Becky Haskett

I participated in the following Professional Development activities in the summer of 2011:
Professional Presentations
 I accepted invitations to make EQ presentations at the following events:  
  • The Professional Development Conference of the American Society of Military Comptrollers in Indianapolis
  • The Healing Center in Cincinnati, OH, 
  • CBFA conference at Southeastern University
  • Women in Business networking meeting in Muncie, IN.     
Workshop Attendance
 I attended the following workshops related to the Nonprofit sector:  
  • Nonprofit Board workshop at Ball State University
  • Grant Writing workshop at the United Way of Central Indiana in Indy

Becky Haskett's interests have focused on the topic of emotional intelligence (EI). A summary article from her dissertation, "Emotional Intelligence and Teaching Success in Higher Education," was published in The Journal of Academic Administration in Higher Education (2005). During the past three years, she has chaired the EI "Think Tank" at Anderson University. This is a group that meets quarterly to bring together pioneers in EI assessment and development. The group currently has more than 25 members from many hospital HR departments, executive coaches, and corporate CEOs and trainers. Haskett recently conducted research related to how universities are integrating EI into their business school curriculum.

She continues to offer presentations and workshops related to the topic of EI. Some of the workshops have included financial planners at Edward Jones and managers of airport screeners for the Department of Homeland Security. Recent presentations have included the International Conference on Emotional Intelligence and the Christian Business Faculty Association (CBFA).

Jay Hochstetler

Jay Hochstetler is active in a number of community boards and committees in Grant County — he has served as president of the Grant County Economic Growth Council; a member of the Community Corrections Advisory Committee, the Innovative Network, and Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee; and chair of the Business-Education Partnership.

Doyle Lucas

Submitted and published two contributions entitled "The Christian Mind on Organizational Culture" and "The Christian Mind on Downsizing".  These were included in new edition of the textbook Management: A Faith-Based Perspective by Michael E. Cafferky, Pearson Publishing, 2011.
Served as Textbook Reviewer/Editor for Management: A Faith Based Perspective, Michael E. Cafferky, Author.  Pearson Publishing (2010 - 2011).

Published in People & Strategy, Journal 32.4 (2010) article entitled Which is More Important for Successful Change: Commitment to the Organization or the Initiative? Co-authored with Dr. Chris Harris.
Presented paper entitled Serving Society by Serving Employees: A Relook at Christian Business Faculty Association Conference, October 2010.  Co-authored with Dr. David Hagenbuch and Dr. Steven Little.

Jill Merle

Jill Merle authored "History of Lean Enterprise Efficiency Concepts," published in the proceedings of the Fifth AIMS International Conference on Management in Hyderabad, India, December 2007.

She presented "Lean Enterprise Efficiency Concepts: Historical Development" at the Wilmington College 21st Century Management Conference, Feb. 29 - March 1, 2008. The paper was also published in the conference proceedings.

Cindy Peck

Appointed by the Indiana Board of Accountancy as a member of the Peer Review Oversight Committee Oct 31, 2011 - June 30, 2014.

Cindy taught education seminars for the American Society of Women Accountants Anderson-Muncie chapter on the topic "Regulatory Issues in a Borderless World" in May 2009 and on the topic "Issues for Nonprofits" in May 2011.
She consulted with the new investigator hired by the Indiana Board of Accountancy regarding the nature of financial statements and compilatons during an investigation on unauthorized practice in March 2011.
She was awarded the Outstanding Educator for the Indiana CPA Society in 2009.  From the INCPAS Website:
"Each year the Indiana CPA Society pays tribute to CPAs who have served their profession and/or communities in a commendable manner. The contributions these professionals make reflect positively on the individuals as well as the CPA profession."
From the Award Announcement:
Outstanding Educator Award  -  Cynthia Peck, CPA, Anderson University

"As an educator at Anderson University, Cindy Peck, CPA, has strived to serve her students and institution faithfully as a student advisor and MBA Admissions Committee member.  She has gone above and beyond her traditional academic role by leading cultural and work camp student  trips to London, Ireland, Costa Rica and Peru.  Peck is also the coordinator for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program.  With the Society, she served as a former member of the board of directors (1999-2002), leadership cabinet and education foundation. She served on the Indiana Board of Accountancy board for six years and recently completed her two year-term as chair of the BOA.  In the community, she is a past board member of the United Way of Madison County and current member of the Hamilton Southeastern High School Academy of Finance Advisory Board.

Michael D. Wiese

Dr. Michael Wiese and Dr. Staci R. Lugar Brettin published an article entitled "The Market Oriented Innovator's Dilemma" in Business Journal for Entrepreneurs (Volume 2011 Issue 4).
Dr. Emmett Dulaney and Dr. Michael Wiese published an article entitled "Factors Contributing to the Final Selling Price of Auctioned Gift Cards" in Journal of Internet Commerce, August 2011.
Michael Wiese provided consulting services for Indiana Ministries of the Church of God to submit a grant to Lilly Endowment for the "Economic Challenges Initiatives."  The funds will allow Indiana Ministries to continue to support programs to provide financial planning assistance to pastors and to provide direct support for retirement, health care and education debt needs.
The Department of Chemistry/Physics at Anderson University requested a feasibility study to test the possibility of AU beginning a Master of Science/Arts in Chemistry/Physics.  The report will be sued to determine whether or not a program should be initiated and how it can be designed to best meet needs of students.

Dr. Michael Wiese recently completed a feasibility study testing an idea for a Community School of Music and Dance at Anderson University.

He serves as national program evaluator for the Church of God "Sustaining Pastoral Leadership" program funded by a Lilly Endowment grant. (2002-ongoing; sustainability grant awarded by Lilly Endowment, Inc. for a continuation through 2011.)

Wiese published an article, "Understanding Satisfied and Affectively Committed Clients' Lack of Referral Intent," in Services Marketing Quarterly, Volume 29 (3), 2008; co-authored with David J. Hagenbuch, Jennifer J. Dose, and Michael L. Bruce.