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Youth Ministries

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Youth Ministries Major

Young people need others who can appreciate the developmental changes in their lives and who care about the variety of contexts in which they live.

Youth Ministries is a stand-alone major that prepares students for ministry to youth, including church-based youth and children's ministries, youth camps, urban ministries, or other settings. The major is strongly rooted in Bible and ministry courses, which prepares students not only for immediate ministry work, but also for further graduate theological education.

Along with classroom-based instruction, students in the youth ministries major will complete a practicum, gaining ministry experience in a setting appropriate to their future work. Practicums are customized according to each student's interests and ministry goals. These are typically done in local churches, but practicums have also included work in summer youth camps, national parks, inner-city ministries, national church agencies, and other settings.

For full requirements and course descriptions, please see the Anderson University Undergraduate Catalog.