Anderson, Indiana

Brent Baker

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Brent Baker, Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Brent Baker serves as the Vice President for Student Affairs at Anderson University. In this role he provides administrative supervision for Athletics, Admissions and Student Financial Services. In addition, he provides direct leadership for the Student Life program and retains the title and role of Dean of Students.

Brent earned his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Administration and Foundations at Indiana State University. He secured a Masters degree in Student Personnel Administration from Ball State University and completed his bachelors in Management at Anderson University.
Brent began his career in higher education serving as a resident director and assistant football coach at Georgetown College, Georgetown, Ky. Following a year and a half stint as resident director of Dunn Hall at Anderson University, Brent completed his Masters and then took a role as director of residence life at Colorado Christian University. He served three years at Colorado Christian, the final two as the dean of students.  From Colorado, Brent moved to the Fort Wayne campus of Taylor University where he filled the role of dean of students for six years, with the additional title of associate vice president for the final three years. Brent began at Anderson University as vice president for student life, adding Athletics after eight years and Admissions and Student Financial Services following ten years of service.
Brent is married to Allyson and they have three sons, Logan, Jordan, and Jared. They live in Anderson
Brent has served at Anderson University since 2000.

Vice President for Student Affairs
B.A., Anderson University
M.S., Ball State University
PhD., Indiana State University