Anderson, Indiana

Student Life Staff

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Student Life Staff

Dr. Brent Baker
Vice President for Student Affairs
Decker 122
Ext. 4072 (765) 641-4072
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Dr. Chris Confer
Dean of Students
Decker 204
Ext. 4219 (765) 641-4219
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Tamara Dreger Shelton
Assistant Dean of Students
Director of Residence Life
Decker 209
Ext. 4192 (765) 641-4192
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Todd Faulkner
Campus Pastor
Morrison House 102
Ext. 4205 (765) 641-4205
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Michael Thigpen
Director of Cultural Resource Center and Multicultural Student Services
Ext. 4199 (765) 641-4199
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Stuart Erny
Director of International Student Services
Decker 236
Ext. 4074 (765) 641-4074
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Christal Helvering
M.S.W., L.C.S.W., Director of Counseling Services
Morrison House
Ext. 4205 (765) 641- 4205
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Judy Johnson
M.S., L.C.S.W., Counselor
Morrison House
Ext. 4580 (765) 641- 4580
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Laurie Judge
Director, Career Development Center
Decker 210
Ext. 4196 (765) 641-4196
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Lisa Horst
Director of First Year Experience
Decker 208
Ext. 4202 (765) 641-4202
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Trent Palmer
Director of Student Programs
ext. 4214 (765) 641-4214
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Becca Palmer
Director of Spiritual Formation
Decker 206A
Ext. 3820 (765) 641-3820
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Nancy Mumbower
R.N., Director of Health Services
Bolitho House
Ext. 4222 (765) 641-4222
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 Alex Jones
Administrative Assistant for Residence Life and Housing
Decker Hall
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Kenita Kyle
Graduate Assistant for Student Engagement
Decker Hall
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