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The Thompson Family

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Give to Anderson University

Providing a Way

When she’s not entertaining, feeding, or admiring her 2-year-old quadruplet children, Suzy (Rojas) Thompson BA ’98 looks for little ways to make a difference in the lives around her. She and her husband, Ted, give to AU through a church matching scholarship program at Church at the Crossing in Indianapolis.

“Several years ago I was attending a Bible study with a friend, and one of the pastors’ wives mentioned that the church matching scholarship fund was not receiving enough donations to keep up with the number of youth who were planning to attend AU,” Suzy says. “Because I was the beneficiary of a few matching church scholarships when I was a student, I knew how instrumental these gifts can be when it comes to whether or not a kid can attend, or continue to attend, a private, Christian university.”

When she got home that night, she and Ted decided that this fund offered a great chance for them to give back. And although attending regular church services has become nearly impossible with little Isaac, Lucia, Jude, and Dahlia in tow, the Thompsons still feel a personal connection to the ministry, continuing to financially support it as much as they can.

The Thompsons have always set aside a portion of their income for church giving. And although Ted is not an AU alum, Suzy says, “For us, the matching scholarship fund falls into that category because we believe that AU trains future church leaders and encourages spiritual development in all of its students.” She adds that this fund makes attending AU more accessible to anyone regardless of their economic status.

“I am a huge fan of the AU experience, and Ted (a Purdue grad) often wishes he'd been able to be a part of something similar.” The Thompsons have been giving to the university since they were first married in 2000. Eight years later, Suzy became a member of the AU Alumni Council with a one-year hiatus to welcome the quadruplets.

“Like many other families right now, our finances are strained to the limit,” Suzy admits. The Thompsons became a one-income family after Suzy quit her full-time job to stay at home with the quadruplets, born on Christmas Eve 2008. The career change also meant looking for affordable health insurance and paying for necessities like diapers, wipes, and food for the growing family. “Every new stage brings new needs — bigger car seats, bigger beds, bigger clothes, and bigger shoes. And as we look to the future, all I can think of is how we are going to afford to send four kids to Anderson,” she laughs.

But supporting AU is a nonnegotiable in Suzy’s mind, due perhaps in part to the many ways the AU community has given back to her family. “Ever since we found out that we were going to have quadruplets, so many AU friends brought us meals and signed up to help feed babies, prep bottles, or do laundry,” she says. “Help came during those early days of very little sleep and a whole lot of work.”

In the past couple of years, Suzy says they have also been fortunate to receive hand-me-down clothes, toys, and DVDs from people she met while she was a student at AU. “Ted and I are both amazed at how God has provided for our needs at every step along the way, and the AU community has been a significant part of that.”

Lindsay Conner, Excerpt from 2010 Donor Report