Anderson, Indiana


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Development Staff

Robert L. Coffman
Vice President of Advancement
(765) 641-4063
(800) 421-1025 
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Donald L. Taylor
Development Officer
(800) 421-1025 
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H.L. Baker
Development Officer
(765) 641-4138
(800) 421-1025 
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Chris Williams
Director of University Communications and Community Relations
Development Officer
(765) 641-4235
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Elyse Cromer
Associate Director of Development for Annual Programs
(765) 641-4039
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Stephanie Moran
Director, Office of Engagement
(765) 641-2384
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Data / Records

Jennifer Steiner
Associate Director for Gift Records
(765) 641-4057
(800) 421-1025 
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Kimberly J. Wolfe
Associate Director of Database Management
(765) 641-4106 
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Support Staff

Faith Clawson
Administrative Assistant
(765) 641-4066
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Tamara Badger
Executive Assistant
(765) 641-4040
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