Anderson, Indiana


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TAPP (Tumaini Aids Prevention Program)

TAPP (Tumaini Aids Prevention Program) USA is an international support branch to TAPP Uganda through selling hand-crafted TAPP products, supporting economic empowerment, and creating space for relationships to transform through stories and cross-cultural friendship. Anderson University Falls School of Business hosts the business as a way of creating a market for products made in Uganda in the United States. The funds assist in providing for the financial needs of families in Africa.

TAPP USA supports women in Uganda who create beads from recycled magazines despite the gravity of HIV/AIDS in their lives. TAPP USA advocates for a more just world from the bottom up, offering a sound education in business as mission while exploring intersections of faith and social justice, and learning how to be sustainable along the way. There are many opportunities for students to become involved with this great program.