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2014 Returning Student E-News

Tue, 2012-02-21 10:23 -- prpljim

2014 Returning Student E-News


Summer is a wonderful time of the year. It gives us a break from the routine of the academic year and the opportunity to do new and different things.  I checked in with a few of your classmates and they are doing a variety of things.

  • Adam Thomas is enjoying spending time with his family, working at a local grocery store and taking two online classes.
  • Gabi Brown says she is working like crazy with three summer jobs, yet finding time to enjoy a few summer concerts.
  • Max Kittle is interning this summer at ARC Performance Center, lifeguarding and leading a track camp at a local high school

While there are fewer people on campus in the summer still there is lots of purposeful activity.  The ground floor of the Library is being renovated to house IDEA-U and a self-service printing area.  IDEA-U is a new institutional initiative funded by a Lilly grant to promote purposeful innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship. Other renovations on campus include the expansion of a Nursing Computer Lab, and the establishment of engineering labs.

Additionally, the search for Anderson University’s next President is ongoing.  There is a special website, Presidential Search, set up for official communication about the process.

We are planning our second annual Welcome Weekend before classes begin. You will be able to enjoy a cookout, a movie, and a worship service with All Sons and Daughters.  It should be a great time to reunite with your friends and have some fun before classes begin.  In addition to the activities that are planned some of your classmates are looking forward to:

  • Mallory Bruce is looking forward to being back in the most amazing and supportive community she has ever experienced.
  • Mirenty Rakotomalala is looking forward to participating in intramurals and getting to know more of her classmates this year.
  • Joseph Otori is working on campus this summer.  He is looking forward to classes resuming so he can interact with friends, other students and the faculty.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to come back to campus, we are looking forward to your return. AU is a special place because of the people who belong to this community.  If you have questions or there is anything we can do to help your transition back to school please contact us in the department of student life.  


R. Dean Branson
Dean of Students