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Satisfactory Academic Progress

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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Parents, please be reminded of the change this year in the University’s Policy of Satisfactory Academic Progress for purposes of determining eligibility for financial aid.

The major change mandated by the Department of Education is that students who fail to meet the minimum standards of SAP are no longer eligible for an automatic probationary period but will be denied eligibility for financial aid. 

The important thing to note is that an appeal process is available to all students and while appeals are granted on the basis of individual circumstances and are in no sense automatic, we would encourage your student to appeal.  If the appeal is approved, it would allow your student to remain eligible for financial aid and be given the opportunity to make up their deficiencies during the next term or for a longer period under an approved academic plan your student would be asked to set up with the assistance of the Office of Educational Support Services or their advisor.

The review of your student’s SAP will occur shortly after the end of the term.  If your student did not meet the minimum standards of SAP and is being denied eligibility for financial aid, letter notification of such will be sent to your student at their home address.  The process for making an appeal will be outlined in the letter.

Questions regarding the University’s Policy of SAP can be addressed to the Office of Student Financial Services (1-800-421-1026) or by email at  Please also be reminded that, under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines, we will not be able to review with you your student’s academic progress status or share with you their grades.

Office of Student Financial Services