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Majors / Minors

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Description of Majors

English (35 hours)

The English major requires student to complete upper-division courses, including introduction to literature and special topics in literature. The student must also choose upper-division literature courses from five course groupings, two devoted to British literature, two devoted to American literature, and one devoted to genre studies.

Language Arts Teaching (53-54 hours)

The language arts teaching major is designed to prepare the student for teaching in grades 6-12. It includes a 33-hour core of courses with English and speech captions, thus qualifying the student to teach English and speech courses in grades 6-12. To complete the major, student pursue a 16-hour "English Option," which allows the student to emphasize traditional English studies, including literature, or a 17-hour "Communication Studies Option," which allows the students to emphasize the teaching of speech, debate, and other forms of oral communication.

Writing (complementary major) (26 hours)

The writing major is designed to allow students to emphasize either creative writing or non-creative writing in conjunction with another major, especially those fields which include challenging writing tasks. The major requires the student to complete 18-20 hours of course credit in the department's upper-division writing courses and to earn 6-8 hours of credit from among seven participating literature options.

Description of Minors

English (15 hours)

The English minor requires the student to take at least one course from each of the following groups: world literature, British literature, American literature, and upper-division (3000-level) writing courses.

Writing (15 hours)

The writing minor requires that students take at least 12 hours of English-captioned (ENGL) upper-division writing courses. Students may take three hours from other captions. Writing for Media (COMM 2130), French Composition (FREN 3240), or Spanish Composition (Span 3010) may also be applied.