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Academic/Departmental Interest Clubs

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Academic/Departmental Interest Clubs

These are interest groups that are housed under the umbrella of an academic major or institutional department.

These groups may or may not have a stipulation regarding membership.  However, groups must maintain faculty/staff advisor and have a charter or mission statement on file with the SGA advisor/assistant dean of students, Michelle Williams, who serves as the central hub of all information related to student organizations.

The following are the Academic/departmental Interest Clubs for 2013-2014:

  • AU Center for Ministry Association Education (AUCME): faculty advisor -  Alan Overstreet
  • AU Cheerleading
  • AU Dance Team
  • AU Garden
  • AU Gospel Choir: faculty advisor - Michelle Williams
  • AU Hacky Sack Club
  • AU Pre-Law Association (AUPLA)
  • AU Table Tennis Club
  • AU Table Top
  • Beyond Me
  • Bound
  • Climbing Club
  • College Democrats: faculty advisor - Dan Allen & Michael Frank; student contact - Clint Kellams
  • College Mentors for Kids
  • College Republicans: faculty advisor - Dan Allen & Michael Frank 
  • Computer Science Student Club: faculty advisor – Sam Blanchard
  • Enactus (formerly SIFE): faculty advisor – Jay Hochstetler
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA): faculty advisor - Bobby Ladner & Jennifer Myhre
  • Fishing Club
  • Gridiron
  • Intercession Worship Team
  • International Student Association (ISA): faculty advisor - Stuart Erny
  • Kid Konnections
  • Men's Rugby
  • Men's Volleyball
  • Model UN: faculty advisor - Daniel Allen
  • Operation Foundation
  • Orange, Black, and Green
  • Randomonium
  • Rave-N Club
  • Raven Nation
  • Serving Others with Kindness (SOWK): faculty advisors – Sharon Collins
  • Student Alumni Association: advisor – Colin Short & Elyse Cromer
  • Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC): advisor – Jennifer Myhre
  • Student Peace Initiative: faculty advisor - Stuart Erny
  • Swim Club
  • Swing Club
  • Team Elite Dance Group
  • Ultimate Frisbee