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Disability Services for Students

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Disability Services for Students

The Office of Disability Services for Students, located in the Kissinger Learning Center, provides individualized support for students diagnosed with Specific Learning Disabilities or for those with Other Disabilities who meet 504 Guidelines. Students who have questions should contact Teresa Coplin, Director, at ext. 4223 on campus or 765-641-4223 off campus.

Specific Learning Disabilities are those which meet Federal guidelines and have been confirmed by psychological testing. Most students who graduate from high school meeting the criteria would be eligible for assistance at A.U. To receive accommodations students must provide appropriate documentation which reflects the current impact of the disability. We do not provide evaluations through our office, but can assist with referrals to an outside agency. Feel free to call our office if you currently, or think you might, qualify for such services and support.

Other Disabilities fall under the 504 Guidelines of the Rehabilitation Act and cover those students who may have other types of disabilities that interfere with the educational progress. This may include, but is not limited to, such areas as ADD, ADHD, Visual or Hearing Impairments, other health impairments, or short term issues such as broken bones that may necessitate the use of a scribe for test taking or a short term parking sticker for designated parking. Documentation of the condition is necessary for students to receive service.

General Student Complaint Procedure [PDF]

Information For Students Requesting Sign Language Interpreting Services  A qualified sign language interpreter for classes and other appropriate events is one of the accommodations available for students who are deaf or have a hearing impairment.  Providing interpreter services requires advance planning and cooperation from the student.  Disability Services for Students (DSS) does not train or evaluate the interpreters. Click here for an informational PDF.

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