Freshman Writing

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Welcome to the Freshman Writing Program

Throughout your career at Anderson University, you will be assigned writing tasks by most of your professors. For example, you may be called on to write essay tests, case studies, lab reports, journal entries, response papers, field study reports, library research papers and project or grant proposals. Our sequenced writing courses are designed to help you improve the quality of your writing before you tackle most of these other writing tasks throughout the university.

Satisfactory completion of our writing sequence is one of the requirements of the Liberal Arts Program of Anderson University for all baccalaureate degree students. During early registration, you will be asked to write an English placement essay, which is required of all new Anderson University students. Based on your performance on this essay, you will be placed in ENGL 1100, ENGL 1110 or ENGL 1120. About one-fourth of our freshman class begins writing instruction in ENGL 1100 while another three-fourths are allowed to begin immediately in ENGL 1110. A small percentage of exceptionally able students will be permitted to waive ENGL 1110 and begin writing instruction in a special section of ENGL 1120 Honors. A grade of C- or better is the measure of proficiency in ENGL 1100 and ENGL 1110 at this time. Students are required to enroll in appropriate writing skills courses every consecutive semester until they have met their writing skills requirement.

Director of Writing Program:

 Elizabeth Imafuji


Scott Bennett Borders
Peter Elliott
Deborah Miller Fox
Cara Miller
Jason Robert Parks
Kevin Paul Radaker
Liz Ranfeld