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Public Relations

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Public Relations

The public relations major at Anderson University includes courses in public relations principles, writing, case studies, design, and digital photography.

Students work with Fifth Street Communications, the department's public relations agency, which serves the needs of local nonprofit organizations while providing students with opportunities for hands-on, portfolio-quality work. Under the guidance of knowledgeable faculty, student account executives lead teams that assist nonprofits with strategic planning, copywriting, media relations, and event planning.

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Alumni experiences

Get to know these Anderson University graduates who studied public relations:

"The communications courses were a great combination of theory and strategy with hands-on, practical training."

Anthony Surratt
1989 AU grad
Get to know Anthony

"You get to know your professors personally in a way you never would at a larger school."

Aaron Vogel
2010 AU grad
Get to know Aaron
"I was surprised to find myself better-prepared than some of my colleagues who attended big-name and Ivy League schools."

Rachel Rush
2003 AU grad
Get to know Rachel