Anderson, Indiana

Graduate Catalog

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Anderson University Graduate Catalog

View the 2014-2015 Graduate Catalog [PDF]

Previous catalogs:

View the 2012-2014 Graduate Catalog [PDF]

View the 2010-2012 Graduate Catalog [PDF]

View the 2010-2012 Graduate Catalog [PDF]

View the 2008-2010 Graduate Catalog [PDF]

View the 2006-2008 Graduate Catalog [PDF]

Students normally will meet the requirements of their matriculation catalog. If a student wishes to use the graduation catalog instead, the student needs to request an official change of catalog from the program director. A student has five years after the matriculation date to complete their degree program. Students may petition the program director for an extension up to an additional two years. A student's catalog expires seven years after the matriculation date. If a student's catalog has expired, the requirements of the graduation catalog must be met.