Anderson, Indiana

Abby Knowles

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Abby E. L. Knowles, Director of Peer Mentor Program

Abby Knowles serves as the Director of Peer Mentor Program. She is responsible for the development and oversight of student leadership programming. This includes the University Leadership Council (ULC), the Fellows program as well as teaching the Leadership Seminar course (LART 2900). Abby also oversees the area of student activities and on-campus clubs. In addition to student leadership, Abby also serves as a resource of information and connectivity for off-campus and commuter students.

A 2004 graduate of Anderson University, Abby earned her degree in Bible and Religion and Psychology. She completed her M.A. in Christian Studies and Cultural Engagement in 2006 from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.

After graduate school Abby returned to Anderson University to serve as a Residence Hall Director in Martin Hall. She served the ladies there for three years before transitioning to her new role in student leadership.

Abby, her husband Michael and their daughter, Harper Joy, live in Indianapolis.

Abby has served at Anderson University since 2006.

Assistant Dean and Director of Student Success
B.A., Anderson University
M.A., The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology