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SGA-Sponsored Interest Clubs

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SGA-Sponsored Interest Clubs

The student government association serves as the governing body for interest clubs not associated with an institutional department or major.

Interest clubs generally exist at the initiative of students. Their success or failure
depends on the demand for them and the ingenuity of the members. In the past 10
years, several interest clubs have ceased to exist while others have taken their place.

Initiating an interest club and becoming a fully authorized club requires:

  • at least 10 students interested in being members of the club
  • a faculty or staff advisor who meets with the club at least once a semester
  • a club constitution (subsequent amendments must be approved by SGA and the Department of Student Life)
  • approval by SGA and the Department of Student Life

Campus facilities are generally available for use by recognized clubs, and the senate
might help with project funding.

The following are SGA-sponsored Interest Clubs:

  • Apologetics Club – faculty advisor: Dan Ippolito; student contact: Robert Rowlett
  • AU Community Garden: staff advisor - Vanessa Tijerina; student contact - Katie Brock
  • AU Dance Team: faculty advisor – Doug King
  • AU Relay for Life
  • AU Table Tennis Club: Student Contact: Cristian Sandoval, Advisor: Rembert Parker
  • Beyond Haiti: Touching Haiti, Changing Lives: Student Contact: Watson George, Advisor: Stuart Erny
  • Bound: E-mail:
  • College Mentors for Kids
  • Fishing Club: Student Contact: James Main, Advisor: Tammy Stewart
  • Kid Konnections
  • Operation Foundation: staff advisor - Stephanie Moran
  • Raven Nation: Student Contact: Jake McCall, Advisor: Emmit Dulaney
  • Student United Way: staff advisor - Stefanie Leiter
  • Swim Club: staff advisor - Michael Mauby
  • Swing Club:
    faculty advisor- Cheryl Shank
    student contact – Kathleen Chaney
  • Team Elite Dance Group
  • Ultimate Frisbee: faculty Advisor - Trent Palmer