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Doctor of Ministry

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Doctor of Ministry

Apply to the Doctor of Ministry Program

For nearly two decades, the Anderson University School of Theology Doctor of Ministry Studies Program has been enriching the lives of those in professional ministry and the places they serve worldwide. Two values that we cherish in our D.Min. Program make this enrichment possible: studying and interacting with individuals unlike oneself and the intimacy within this learning community. As a result of these two values, participants in our program find themselves in an environment that offers cultural, denominational, gender, racial, geographical, and professional diversity.

Our Doctor of Ministry degree represents a high standard of professional preparation. Full acceptance into the program requires:

  • The Master of Divinity or its equivalent (72 semester hours of master-level work).
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 in previous masters work.
  • At least three years of full time professional ministry following masters work.

The result of these standards is that you will be studying alongside seasoned ministers and professionals in ministry. You will be the beneficiary of both their theological education and professional experiences.

We are also pleased to offer opportunities for those without an MDiv to complete their equivalency work with the Anderson University School of Theology. Contact us for a personal assessment of completing an equivalency.

I invite you to read the student stories on our website. I believe you will discover throughout their testimonies that we are intentional at every point in our program about scholarship, spiritual growth, and both personal and professional renewal. And, I believe you will see in what they write that we are intentional about one's service to the church, the Lord, and the Kingdom.

MaryAnn Hawkins, Ph.D., director
Associate Dean
Doctor of Ministry Studies Program
(765) 641-4535