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Leadership Academy of Madison County

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Leadership Academy of Madison County

The Leadership Academy of Madison County, sponsored by Anderson University, the Chamber of Commerce for Anderson and Madison County, and area businesses is an educational program designed to offer a probing study of community challenges and explore methods of meeting those challenges through the discovery and practice of 21st century leadership skills.

The Academy is committed to providing Madison County with a diverse, highly skilled and competent core of community servant-leaders/trustees. When we begin our journey of leadership each year we come seeking answers. At the end of this time together we realize that the answers were within each and every one of us.

"The Leadership Academy of Madison County...People Making a Difference."

Leadership Academy is one of those unique experiences in life. Participants get to discuss and dialogue with others on a variety of community issues that have personal relevance to each participant. The collective wisdom is profound and shared. Parker Palmer said, "We must be in a community to learn." I have found that leaders are life-long learners and exciting people to be around.

The Academy creates an environment for learning through building a strong team of individuals who understand the needs of the community. The skills to create dialogue--build consensus and collaboration--are understood and applied to strengthen the existing community that is moving toward the future. Aside from skills utilized by the Academy participants, members experience the value of a network of caring youth and adults committed to ideals of servant leadership. People making a difference by being creative... caring... connective... collaborative.

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Bobbette Snyder
Executive Director
Leadership Academy of Madison County