Anderson, Indiana

Residential MBA

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Residential MBA

The Residential MBA Program at Anderson University is an innovative program designed for individuals who desire graduate-level studies immediately following completion of their undergraduate program. This academically rigorous program is designed with a whole-person perspective and provides individuals a high-quality business education that is based on a Christian worldview.

Students in this program are mentored by faculty who are committed to being models of "salt and light" in professional and personal affairs. The program is experiential in nature and employs an intense living-learning approach where program fellows reside in a facility containing dedicated classroom space and a technology-driven small business incubator.

The entire program can be completed in 10 months and requires a full-time commitment.

To learn more about the Residential MBA, contact Dr. Jill Merle at
(765) 641-4395.

AU RMBA Distinctives

  • Entire program can be completed in 10 months.
  • Only 19 students are admitted per year. Students live in their own apartments in the Flagship Center. This creates a unique living-learning environment.
  • Included in the price of the program is 1) the apartment, 2) a computer, and 3) a global business experience.
  • Students work with the director of academics to secure a professional placement in an area business while in the program in order to directly apply learning.
  • Students are taught by the faculty of the Falls School of Business, and the "salt and light" model of Christian education is integrated into the program.