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Get to Know the Faculty and Staff

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Get to Know the Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff of the Falls School of Business are "professional." You will be impressed with their credentials and experience. But, they are also "real" people who have lives outside of work and even like to have some fun while at work. We'd like to share a little of the informal side of life for the FSB faculty and staff. Check it out:

Lisa C. Bailey
Kevin Brown
Michael Bruce
Michael Collette
Emmett Dulaney
Jerry Fox
Rebecca A. Haskett

Rebecca A. Haskett
Jay Hochstetler
Gregory Kaufinger
Doyle J. Lucas
Jill A. Merle
Mark E. Motluck
Cindy Peck

Francis O. Pianki
Barry Ritchey
Kent T. Saunders
Larry Seibert
Terry C. Truitt
Julie Ward
Carol A. Whetsel
Michael D. Wiese