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Greatest Things You Can Give Your Children


Hi ... and welcome to the first issue of the email newsletter specifically for parents of Anderson University students ... the AU Parent Connection. My name is Elyse Cromer and I work in the Alumni Office on the second floor of Decker Hall. Not only am I on staff, but I’m also an alumna of AU, and a new “current parent,” too. My son, Levi, is a freshman here, living in Dunn Hall and studying something in the business field, though he doesn’t know which area yet.

The AU Parent Connection is meant to hopefully be a valuable resource to you as you try to stay connected to your child (or children) at Anderson University. For many parents, the years our children are in college are bittersweet; we’re proud of our child’s accomplishments and so excited for the future for which they are preparing, but we know these steps are taking them further away from us ... and on to their own lives ... separate from us.

Every now and then my husband and I have to remind ourselves that it’s never been our job to make our child need us. It’s always been about providing the guidance and tools necessary for him to someday become a productive and caring member of his community and greater society. We know our son has been a gift to us from God, but one we were never meant to keep for ourselves. We have a small plaque in our home that says:
“The two greatest things you can give your children are Roots & Wings.”

I hope the AU Parent Connection helps you navigate through the college years just a little easier no matter where you and your child are in that process. Please let me know what you’d like to see in a future issue. I have many ideas of what might be helpful, but would love suggestions from you, also.
Blessings to all parents who love their children.


Associate Director
of Alumni & Parent Programming